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These are the terms and conditions, aka (“Terms and Conditions”), for using www.seawonders.com site. Please, read these Terms and Conditions carefully in order to understand them before you associate yourself with the Site and/or solicit any available service.

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Published on: 09/03/2018.

  1. 1. Site Title and Purpose 

SEA PROJECTS INTERMEDIACAO E EVENTOS EIRELI, located at 3228 Nove de Julho Avenue, suite 311, Jardim Paulista, Zip code 01406-000, in the city of Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, tax number 27.573.212/0001-14 (“we” or “SEA PROJECTS”) holds the title deed and ownership for this Site.

This Site has been set up to target people interested in discovering sea destinations and it aims at sharing experiences, local tips, attractions recommendations, lodging, food and drinks, and make it possible to divulge products and services offered by local partner companies.

  1. 2. Site Content 

The information furnished here is based on real experiences, research and opinions provided by the Site team and their collaborators, therefore, SEA PROJECTS owns all the copyrights of the content and the pictures on this Site.

We recommend that you always verify the date of the publications/and or postings as the Site content is constantly updated.

In order to have a transparent/trustworthy site, we carefully identify as sponsored posts or banners the services and products offered by partner companies, and we indicate the services or products that have been tested and approved by the Site team.

Furthermore, we declare that all posts or banners on the Site are paid for directly or indirectly, but we are not liable for the use of products or services here advertised.

Additionally, we make the effort to present essential information to make your trip a unique, extremely pleasant and unforgettable experience and we attest that the sponsor posts and banners are in line with the Site profile.

  1. 3. Users rights and responsibilities     

We emphasize that your ideas and opinions are valuable to our expansion and credibility and we have reserved a space on the site for your comments and observations.

The comments/observations on the Site must not push the tenets of law, moral, good behavior, dignity, image, reputation, honor, integrity or any other human right, nationality, ethnic, political views or religion, public order and/or any other enforced legal norm, or they will be removed from the Site. Moreover, they cannot contain inappropriate, racist, pornographic, disrespectful, discriminatory, harmful, defamatory words or expressions, which may lead to the use of drugs and alcohol, incite violence, especially among underage individuals.

Therefore, we are not responsible for the content of the messages you or other users may post, nor for eventual judicial consequences stemmed from the published content.

In case our team identifies any content that affronts the existent Terms and Conditions, they will remove it promptly.

  1. 4. Sanctions Incurred by not abiding by the Terms and Conditions 

In case of wrongful use of the Site, we will block the culprit’s access to it for as long as the Site team deems necessary, totally or partially, without having to advise the user first and, depending on the severity of the violation, the user may be denied access to the Site for forever.

The users will respond civilly and criminally for the wrongful usage of the Site, for not abiding by the guidelines of the Terms and Conditions in force, as well as for any and all damage they may cause to SEA PROJECTS and to other users and third parties.

  1. 5. Copyrights  

All copyrights as well as other intellectual property rights related to the texts, images, sound, software and other material on this Site are property of SEA PROJECTS and have been included here with the permission of the corresponding owner.

You can surf the Site, share and reproduce part of the content through social media, you can also print and distribute to other people, as long as it is for information purposes, except for the above paragraph concerning the Copyrights. No reproduction of any part of the Site can be sold or distributed in exchange for profit, neither can it be modified or incorporated into any other project or publication, be it in print or electronic form, nor sent to any other site. No other license or right is conceded to the users.

According to the applicable legislation, third parties can only use small portions of posts after they disclose the posts’ authorship and remit to the original post link.


  1. 6. Privacy policy 

We have developed a Privacy Policy and our team makes every effort to guarantee and preserve its confidentiality and privacy, since we desire to establish a long lasting and trustworthy relationship. For more information go to: (HIPERLINK PARA ACESSAR A POLITICA DE PRIVACIDADE).

  1. 7. Notifications and Alterations 

We reserve ourselves the right to modify, update or create addenda to the current Terms and Conditions at any time. You must revisit this page to check for any updates or alterations.

  1. 8. General Clauses   

Any clause of these Terms and Conditions considered invalid or extraordinary, in no circumstances, will invalidate or affect itself entirely or any other section of this instrument.

The laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil govern these Terms and Conditions.

The forum of the Judiciary District of Sao Paulo is the competent council to settle any doubt or controversy from or related to these Terms and Conditions and the utilization of the Site, regardless any other, no matter how privileged it is or it may be.

  1. 9. Doubts

If you have any questions or doubts concerning the current Terms and Conditions or the Site, please contact us at info@seawonders.com.