Marina de Mello Peixoto Visetti


Autorship: a four-handed project.

Marina de Mello Peixoto Visetti e Luiz Henrique Americano Vieira d’Almeida

Dedicated to:

My daughter Joana, who stands by me come rain or come shine. Life would not have meaning and this project would not have happened without our shared love…

My grandfather João Batista, in memory, for his unconditional love. For being the bearings for my pathway and responsible for placing the Greek seed in my heart with those breathtaking photo sessions projected on the walls of his home when he returned from his trips.


Sidney Bloch

Pimpa Brauen, who is more engaged on other destinations of SEAWONDERS yet to come (Mikonos, Santorini, Folegrandos, Paxos, Antipaxos, Corfu, Meteora and London).


TBF Consultoria

Agência Baked

Lygia Moritz Design



Dennis and Kostas Kalamvrezos: reception and contacts.

Nikos Paraschis: our right-hand man on the island.

Silvia Sophia: script and translation to English.

Aris Makris: translation to Greek and contents.

Katerina Paraschis : photo model.

Aldi Zela: additional photography.

Dimitris Stravolemos: drone photography.

IWRCF Advogados: juridical assistance.

Gray Milmine: additional drone photography.

My gratitude to:

Spiros Parasxis, for being my first friend on the island and for introducing me to wonderful people. It all started with him.

The Kalamvrezos family, my family in Greece, for all the support, affection, caring and protection! Dennis, thank you for the trust, motivation, your spirit beyond our time and your joy of living. Yoanna, thank you for opening your home and your heart to me, thank you for the infinite warm welcome and for the best eggs and tomatoes in the world! Panagiota, is there anything better in life than our grandparents? Thank you for your love to my daughter and me! Kostas, my soul brother, my friend and protector for hours on end.  Alexandros, my youngest brother, always optimistic, affectionate and a contemporary spirit.  Iota, Dennis and Nikolas, thank you for always welcome me with so much love.

My mother Marta, for the love and marvelous childhood she provided me and for teaching me the value of the simple and genuine things, never ignoring aesthetics and elegance.

My father, Carlos Irineu Francisco, for teaching me to be sound and whole and to live life passionately.

My nephew Luiz Henrique, for having believed in my dream and for having joined me in it wholeheartedly.

Petros Voutos, for all the loving and tender care, always.

Nikos Paraschis, for his genuine friendship and protection. For the great job helping us roam all corners of Zakynthos, from sunrise until far into the night, keeping his great sense of humor at all times. Thank you for introducing me to many people on the island and for the support and tender care of your whole family also.

Nikos Liveris, Maria and Giannis, for being my second family in Greece and for taking care of me when I am and when I am not there. For your sincere friendship at all times, for opening your home and your hearts to me and for all the dinners featuring Maria’s wonderful cooking. For the freshly laid eggs and the Greek yogurt always waiting for me when I arrived. Delightful Giannis who always fills me with love. Little Kristalia has arrived now to brighten life even more and, instantly, became a blessing for all.

Timotheos Karmiris for the friendship, the assistance on land and sea, at all times, and his parents for always treating me with so much love and care.

Giannis Liveris, my all weather friend, the captain who showed me the secrets of Zakynthos Sea with so much devotion and joy. My companion through incredible outings and tasks, always giving his best to make every day at sea memorable.

Aris Makris, a Greek-Brazilian angel in my life.

Giorgos Liveris, the dear friend who showed my daughter Joana and me Zakynthos Sea for the first time. His patience going in and out of all Keri Caves, sailing to Marathonisi so many times looking for turtles, made us fall in love with that enchanted island and its people.

Uncle Carlos Alberto for the support, friendship and dedication to my family all these years.

Special gratitude to my lifelong friends Drica Sahagoff Reinholz, Celina Americano Vieira d’Almeida, Cristiane Pedro de Almeida, Marina Martini Nogueira Batista, Denise Abdalla Conrado, Lu Guimaraes Lang and Pati Queiroz for always being there for me, giving me love and rooting for me forever and a day.

Márcio Campilongo for his friendship and support of 20 years.

Anastasia T. Kladi, thank you for all the love, tender care and friendship.

Frederico Thompson, the quantic philosopher whose coaching gave me courage to listen to my heart and respect a call from the universe.

My employees Gilberto, Tania, Giovani and Neide for their consideration to me, and the support they always gave my mother and my daughter when I was away working on this project.

Alexandros Politis for the friendship and patience in our private lessons teaching me the Greek language.

Andrea Dakouros for having helped us and believed in our venture!

The couple Babis and Marcia Tzannis, thank you for the friendship and affection.